About Me
My name is Dani and I'm a little fucking ray of Sunshine.

Wiccan, nature lover, astrology enthusiast, tarot reader, animal rights advocate, humanist, bibliophile, Gemini, sailor mouthed.

- Pro choice
- Feminism rules
- Equal rights for any and all sexual and gender identities
- If your religion makes you happy, be happy
- Animal rights or get out of my face
- Anti judgement

My Profiles


I had perfect dreams about Blake Anderson all night……………………………sigh.

"Animals I Can Kill With My Bare Hands", by Blake Chesterfield Henderson.
I am so in love with this girl.
I can officially die happy because if Blake Anderson googles himself, my picture will come up and he will see me and realize we’re soul mates.

It’s page 10, so quite a way down, BUT YOU’RE THERE!

Holy fucking fuck. You know you’re obsessed with Blake Anderson when you google him and your picture pops up. I love you you are my new best friend and you just made my month.

I’m 99.999% sure Blake Anderson is my soul mate. Next time I see him I will force him to love me. JUST LOVE ME OKAY.

I just Twitter stalked Blake Anderson for a good 45 minutes. I’m so glad my life has so much meaning.

Marry me now.
I just added “Blake Anderson is the perfect man.” to my info section. Just in case anyone was curious as to what my type is.

Not that anyone was curious. But okay seriously, perfect.