About Me
My name is Dani and I'm a little fucking ray of Sunshine.

Wiccan, nature lover, astrology enthusiast, tarot reader, animal rights advocate, humanist, bibliophile, Gemini, sailor mouthed.

- Pro choice
- Feminism rules
- Equal rights for any and all sexual and gender identities
- If your religion makes you happy, be happy
- Animal rights or get out of my face
- Anti judgement

My Profiles

Icon as requested. Fairy hair.
So sick and I just want to sleep but I have a trillion things to do, noooo I will not get out of bed
Didn’t straighten my hair this morning and it is both unruly and irrational
Here’s my face to prove I didn’t cry all day so yeah
pale af
I love when people send me pictures of myself that make me look better than I really do.
Out for the night ❤ today’s been a great day.
All my shit is moved in. I got to spend time with my beautiful best friend and little nephew. I’m happy.
Is topless Thursday a thing? Can we make it a thing?
I has hair cut
Old enough to be concerned about health but young enough to know that I am well.
I miss being this happy.
I found a real camera
I don’t feel like doing fucking anything with my hair anymore
Prenatals have been doing wonders for my hair lately 😻