About Me
My name is Dani and I'm a little fucking ray of Sunshine.

Wiccan, nature lover, astrology enthusiast, tarot reader, animal rights advocate, humanist, bibliophile, Gemini, sailor mouthed.

- Pro choice
- Feminism rules
- Equal rights for any and all sexual and gender identities
- If your religion makes you happy, be happy
- Animal rights or get out of my face
- Anti judgement

My Profiles


Most disappointing doctor’s appointment ever. I decided I’m just going to nap for the next 7 years.

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Monumentally stressed the fuck out. Seriously.

So ready to be unpregnant. Like really.

My favorite crystal and stone shop just closed )’: I wasn’t ready for this

Of all the posts I could have been known for, I’m going to be known forever on Tumblr as that girl that’s really passionate about salad and raspberry vinaigrette. Well ok.

Just napped for two hours. Life is glorious.

Holy fuck.

My little girl is an estimated 6lbs 10oz and they’re going to try to jumpstart labor next week if it doesn’t happen before then. 

I’m 24 years old and still feel like I have to clean my house when my mom visits. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

All animal sneezes are presh but my guinea pig’s sneezes are especially cute because they’re so small and barely audible and his little nose

I love lazy Sunday morning xbox time with my babe. Complete with pajamas, coffee, and cats. Being an adult rules.

I want to live in a freezer. Every temperature above 60 degrees is so unacceptable.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for this Tuesday. It’ll be the last time I see babygirl before she’s here. Also I’m deathly afraid they made a mistake and she’s really male because they weren’t 100% positive so yay.

I woke up really stoked about life today. I don’t know why but I’m not questioning it.